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Influenza Immunization Awareness Campaign

The Influenza Immunization Awareness Campaign takes place each fall to encourage Canadians of all ages to get immunized against seasonal influenza (the “flu”).

Local, regional, provincial, territorial and national activities remind Canadians that immunization is the longest-lasting and most effective way to prevent influenza.

Below you will find a number of resources available to you to support your local Influenza Immunization Awareness Campaign.

2017-2018 Statement on Seasonal Influenza Vaccine

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Campaign resources: influenza

News release: Lower your flu risk. Get immunized. (05 October 2017)

Influenza/pneumococcal immunization promotion: Social media calendar, fall 2017

Please note that campaign resources are available for download only. For questions, comments, or requests for high-resolution poster files, please contact Immunize Canada


Health care professionals: You care for your patients. This fall, get your flu shot. (PDF: 189 KB)

Influenza Poster_Healthcare providers_ENG_WEB.jpg

Pregnancy: Lower your flu risk. (PDF: 177 KB)

Influenza Poster_ pregnancy_ENG_WEB.jpg


Children 6-59 months: Lower your child's flu risk. (PDF: 197 KB)

Influenza Poster_ children 6 months_ENG_WEB.jpg


Ages 5-16: Lower your child's flu risk. (PDF: 226 KB)

Influenza Poster_ 5-16_ALT_ENG_WEB.jpg



Ages 16-25: Lower your  flu risk. (PDF: 191 KB)

Influenza Poster_ 16-25_01_ENG_WEB.jpg


Ages 65+: Lower your flu risk. (PDF: 198 KB)

Influenza Poster_ 65 plus_ENG_WEB.jpg



Poster: Has your child been immunized against influenza? (PDF: 159 KB)

Children flu poster_CAPHC_0.jpg



Brochure: Has your child been immunized against influenza?                    (PDF: 139 KB)

Children flu brochure_CAPHC_0.jpg





Influenza infographics

Is it a cold or influenza? (PDF: 1.1 MB)



Influenza prevention in adults (PDF: 111 KB)


Influenza prevention in people with asthma (PDF: 111 KB)


The Story of Influenza (PDF: 1.3MB)






Social media images: influenza and pneumococcal immunization












Successful Healthcare Personnel Influenza Immunization Programs

A Guide for Program Planners, 3rd edition (PDF: 1.3 MB)

Successful Healthcare Personnel Inf Imm Programs_e_0.jpg

Human Resource Planning Tool (Companion Toolkit) (PDF: 432 KB)

Successful Healthcare Personnel Inf Imm Programs_companion_e_0.jpg

Pneumococcal resources

Pocket guide for immunizers: Pneumococcal Vaccination in Adults (PDF: 197 KB) 

Pneumococcal Guide_adults_e_0.jpg

Pocket guide for immunizers: Pneumococcal Vaccination in Children (PDF: 120 KB)

Pneumococcal Pocket Guide_Children_no app_e_0.jpg


Protect yourself from pneumococcal disease (adults) (poster) (PDF: 154 KB)


Protect your child from pneumococcal disease (poster) (PDF: 147 KB)

Pneumococcal Poster Children_no app_e.jpg

Protect yourself from pneumococcal disease (brochure) (PDF: 170 KB)

Pneumococcal Brochure General_no app_e.jpg



Refrigerator and Freezer Vaccine Storage Guidelines (poster) (PDF: 1.6 MB)



Planning a pregnancy? Vaccines to consider (tear pad) (PDF: 91 KB)





Last Updated: 17 November 2017