Ethical Guidelines for Sponsoring Immunize Canada

The primary objective of interactions between Immunize Canada sponsors and funders is the advancement of Immunize Canada’s goal:

To contribute to the control/elimination/eradication of vaccine-preventable diseases in Canada by increasing awareness of NACI-recommended immunizations for all ages via education, promotion, advocacy and media relations.

Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA)

CPHA provides the Secretariat for Immunize Canada. Immunize Canada’s relationships with sponsors and funders are guided by the CPHA's Corporate Relations / Corporate Sponsorship Policy.

The policy and principles are intended to protect the mission and integrity of the CPHA and by extension Immunize Canada while supporting fundraising efforts.

Any situation that may be an exception to the policy and principles will be reviewed by the Chair, Immunize Canada and the Executive Director, CPHA. Together, they shall interpret the policy and principles in good faith.

Immunize Canada

In addition to CPHA's Corporate Relations / Corporate Sponsorship Policy, Immunize Canada is guided by the following:

  • Immunize Canada has the exclusive responsibility and approval authority for content and graphics in all promotional materials.
  • Immunize Canada is responsible for developing, organizing, implementing, administering, disseminating and evaluating public awareness and educational campaigns.
  • Immunize Canada will not identify or endorse specific brand names on promotional or educational materials.
  • Immunize Canada does not allow its name and/or logo to be used without its expressed consent.
  • Immunize Canada will not accept funding for purposes that are inconsistent with the goals of the Coalition.


– Approved by membership June 15, 2017

Last Updated: 12 July 2017