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Some kids feel anxious or afraid of vaccinations, but there are things you can do to reduce your pain, fear and anxiety. Play the CARD™ game to learn how to make vaccinations less stressful. Playing your cards will give you strategies to help you with pain, fear and anxiety.

Parents and children can play the CARD™ game in preparation for their vaccination, as well as during and after the vaccine.

What are the benefits of the CARD™ game?

  • It reduces stress-related reactions, including fear, pain, dizziness and fainting during vaccination.
  • It improves the vaccination experience for children receiving a vaccine and for those who support them, such as educators, parents, and health care providers.
  • It teaches lifelong coping skills that can be used for other stressful situations.  

To start playing the CARD™ game, click this icon:

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You can also copy and paste this link to your mobile device or computer (you will need to narrow your screen on your computer). Make sure the sound is on.

Show us how you play your CARDs!

Child playing CARD game - image 1

Child playing CARD game - image 2

Child playing CARD game - image 3

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CARD™ Game: short video of child playing his CARDS

CARD™ and vaccinations: A positive experience

CARD Game: poster

CARD Game poster

CARD puzzle: Search and find

CARD puzzle: Search and find


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Last Updated: 11 January 2022