Immunization Record for Children

It is your responsibility to keep a personal record of the immunizations (vaccines) your child has had in his/her lifetime.

  • Keep it in a safe place with your other personal medical information.
  • Bring it with you each time your child is immunized so it can be updated.


If you do not already have a card or booklet to keep track of your child’s immunizations, ask your doctor, nurse or local public health office if they provide these. You can also download the CANImmunize app to track your child’s immunizations on your mobile device or computer.

If you do not know what immunizations you or your children have had, you can:

  1. Check with your doctor, who may have a record in your or your child’s file.
  2. Check with your local public health office. Most public health offices maintain a registry of childhood immunizations in their area.


Information about your province or territory's vaccine schedule can be found here.

Vaccine Abbreviations

Your child’s record will probably have abbreviations of the vaccines your child received. 
An explanation of the abbreviations can be found in the Canadian Immunization Guide.

Last Updated: 18 April 2019