Resilience in Healthcare. 21 September 2021. PHARMED podcast.

In the inaugural episode, Mr. Ajit Johal and Dr. Christine Palmay discuss the current climate faced by both pharmacists and physicians. In the midst of the ongoing pandemic vaccinations remain a clear priority. This includes the upcoming influenza season, vaccine hesitancy, and opportunities for collaboration.

QuaranTEENS. 25 October 2021. PHARMED podcast.

The COVID-19 "Lockdown Life" has been a struggle for all of us, especially Canadian youth. In Episode 2 of the Pharmed podcast, Mr. Ajit Johal and Dr. Christine Palmay talk about collaborative approaches to improve the health and well being of adolescent patients. Age and risk specific vaccinations are powerful and accessible tools that can be leveraged to protect our youth against the devastation of preventable diseases.

Last Updated: 10 December 2021