Children's Books

Books recommended for children (available in Canada)

Under 8 years of age: 

  • Mobi vs. The Shield: Community Immunity Saves the Day (by Immunization Partnership [US], 2021)
  • William! Won’t You Wash Your Hands? (Canadian Institute of Child Health).
    This is a valuable resource for early childhood educators, caregivers and parents to teach children how and when to wash their hands. It includes a resource booklet with an assortment of activities, songs and games that all teach handwashing. 
  • A Day with a Doctor (by Jan Kottke, Welcome Books, Grolier Publishing, 2000)
  • A Trip to the Doctor (by Margot Linn, Harper & Row Publishers, 1988)
  • Arthur’s Chicken Pox (by Marc Brown, Little Brown and Company, 1996)
  • The Berenstain Bears Go To the Doctor (by Stan and Jan Berenstain, Random House, 1981)
  • Body Buddies Say... “Wash Your Hands!” (by Leeann Wenkman, Sunrise Publications, 1999)
  • Clean and Healthy (by Angela Royston, Heinemann Library, 2000)
  • Germs! Germs! Germs! (by Bobbi Katz and Steve Bjorkman, Scholastic Books, 1996)
  • Germs Make Me Sick! (by Melvin Berger, in the series of “Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science Books”, Thomas Y. Crowell, 1985)
  • Going to the Doctor (by Kate Petty and Lisa Kopper, a First Timers book, Aladdin Books Ltd., 1987)
  • Immune System (by Karen Latchana Kenney, Jump! Incorporated, 2017)
  • Itchy Itchy Chicken Pox (by Grace Maccarone and Betsy Lewin, Cartwheel Books, 1992)
  • The Magic School Bus Inside Ralphie: A Book about Germs (by Joanna Cole, Scholastic Books, 1995)
  • Felix & Booboo – Maya Visits Her Doctor: Vaccination (by Dr. Nicole Audet, Dr. Nicole Publishing, 2018)
  • No Measles, No Mumps for Me (by Paul Showers, in the series of “Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science Books”, Thomas Y. Crowell, 1980)
  • Vaccines Explained (by Ohemaa Boahemaa, 2021) (available in multiple languages)
  • Wash Your Hands! (by Tony Ross, Kane/Miller, 2006)
  • What to Expect When You Go to the Doctor (by Heidi Murkoff, HarperCollins Publishers, 2000)
  • What Happens When You Catch a Cold? (by Joy Richardson, Gareth Stevens Publishing, 1986)


Over 8 years of age: 

  • A True Book: Flu (by Ann O. Squire and Jane Sieving Pelkki, Scholastic Canada, 2016)
  • Achoo! The Most Interesting Book You’ll Ever Read About Germs (by Trudee Romanek, Kids Can Press, 2003)
  • All About Vaccines (by Bridget Gongol, Dinosaur Learning Series, 2014)
  • Bill Nye, the Science Guy’s Great Big Book of Tiny Germs (Bill Nye, Disney-Hyperion, 2005)
  • Carnival of Contagion (graphic novel by Judy Diamond, Bob Hall, and John West, University of Nebraska Press, 2017)
  • Choosing Health (by Alan Collinson, in the Facing the Future series, Steck-Vaughn Library, 1991)
  • Dear Canada: To Stand on My Own: The Polio Epidemic Diary of Noreen Robertson, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 1937 (by Barbara Haworth-Attard, Scholastic Canada, 2010)
  • Everything You Need to Know About: Measles and Rubella (by Trisha Hawkins, The Need to Know Library, The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc., 2001)
  • Germ Killers: Fighting Disease (by Sally Morgan, Science at the Edge series, Reed Educational & Professional Publishing, 2002)
  • Immunity Warriors (digital comic, by CANImmunize, 2017)
  • Jonas Salk and the Polio Vaccine (graphic novel by Katherine Krohn, Capstone, 2006)
  • Microbiology: It’s a Small World (by Simon Basher and Dan Green, Kingfisher, 2015)
  • The Miracle of Immunity (by William Donnellan, from the “Story of Science” series by Benchmark Books, 2003)
  • My Health: Vaccinations (by Alvin Silverstein and Virginia Silverstein, Franklin Watts, 2002)
  • My Health: What Are Germs? (by Laura Silverstein-Nunn, Alvin Silverstein, and Virginia Silverstein, Franklin Watts, 2003)
  • Outbreak: Disease Detectives at Work (by Mark Friedlander Jr., Lerner Publications, 2003)
  • Sara, Lily and Aaron: Vaccine (by Judy Konkoly, CreateSpace Independent Publishing, 2010)
  • The Shots Book: A Little Brother’s Superhero Tale (by Ethan Posard, 2015)
  • Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio (by Peg Kehret, Albert Whitman, 2006)
  • What Are Germs? (by Jim Ollhoff, ABDO Publishing Company, 2010)
  • You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Vaccinations! (by Anne Rooney, Turtleback, 2015)


List prepared by Ottawa Public Health and Immunize Canada

Last Updated: 28 July 2021