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Pain management during immunization

Immunizations are the most common recurring health-related procedure undertaken in childhood. For most children, these procedures can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety which can lead to long-term non-adherence with recommended health care interventions and missed immunizations.

Given the crucial role of parents in reassuring, soothing and supporting their children, they must acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to mitigate stress and anxiety during immunization.

Video: Reduce the pain of vaccination in babies (full video)

The Help ELiminate Pain in KIDS (HELPinKIDS) team at the University of Toronto developed clinical practice guidelines (CPG) on managing immunization pain in childhood. (external link) (13:08)


Reducing pain during vaccine injections: clinical practice guideline. Adapted from CMAJ 2010 182;E843-E855 and CMAJ 2015;187:975-82 with the permission of the publisher, the Canadian Medical Association.

Below are reference guides for parents on how to eliminate pain during immunization.

Vaccination Pocket Guide

pocket guide, in English
A Parent’s Guide:
For babies up to 1 year old

English (PDF: 1.2m)
French (PDF: 3.3m)
pocket guide, in English
A Parent s Guide:
For kids and teens

English (PDF: 1.1m)
French (PDF: 2.4m)
print ready
English (PDF: 1.3m)
French (PDF: 2.2m)