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National Immunization Poster Contest

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National Winners: 2016

National winner
National Winner (English)
Web version (JPG: 156k)
High resolution (PDF: 418k)
National runner-up
National Runner-up (bilingual)
Web version (JPG: 145k)
High resolution (PDF: 395k)

Provincial Winners: 2016

Alberta (English)
Web version (JPG: 151k)
High resolution (PDF: 419k)
British Columbia
British Columbia (English)
Web version (JPG: 248k)
High resolution (PDF: 510k)
Manitoba (English)
Web version (JPG: 252k)
High resolution (PDF: 513k)
New Brunswick
New Brunswick (English)
Web version (JPG: 159k)
High resolution (PDF: 425k)
Newfoundland and Labrador
Newfoundland and Labrador (English)
Web version (JPG: 194k)
High resolution (PDF: 454k)
Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia (English)
Web version (JPG: 172k    )
High resolution (PDF: 435k)
Ontario (English)
Web version (JPG: 154k)
High resolution (PDF: 421k)
Prince Edward Island
Prince Edward Island (English)
Web version (JPG: 190k)
High resolution (PDF: 455k)
Quebec (English)
Web version (JPG: 176k)
High resolution (PDF: 442k)
Saskatchewan (English)
Web version (JPG: 242k)
High resolution (PDF: 506k)

No entries were received from Yukon, the Northwest Territories, or from Nunavut for the 2016 Poster Contest.

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Great prizes!

The National Winner received a prize of an iPad Air, plus a trip to Ottawa along with one parent/guardian, to be recognized at the Canadian Immunization Conference in December, plus great books on science, biology, and immunization!

For the National Runner-up: an Instax Mini8 camera, and books to learn about microbiology and immunization!

Each provincial/territorial winner received a science experiment kit, plus books about immunization and microbes.

The National Winner’s and National Runner-up’s school libraries received science-related books.

Sincere thanks to prize sponsors.

This contest has been made possible through funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada.

For Teachers

teacher’s kit, in English
Teacher’s Kit
English (PDF: 451k)


I Boost Immunity quiz: Earn a vaccine for someone in need by answering a quiz question!

quiz, in English
Test your knowledge!
20 Questions about Immunization

English (PDF: 376k)
French (PDF: 412k)
answers, in English
20 Questions:
Understanding the Correct Answers

English (PDF: 685k)
French (PDF: 749k)

Winning posters from previous contests:

Updated: 6 February 2017